Cyphercon 5.1

Spring 2021

Wisconsin Convention Center

Milwaukee, WI

Welcome to CypherCon 5.1 (2021), Wisconsin’s Hacker Conference! Our conference provides hackers with an outlet to openly demonstrate and experience creativity and ingenuity through hands-on enlightening activities and thought provoking presentations and technical projects. Come listen to over twenty security speakers, learn at over a dozen mind-blowing, but approachable villages (specializations), and relax with area friends in a casual mid-western environment.

Cyphersphere News & Updates

Current Con Status: Cancelled :(

04.02.2020 CypherCon 5.0 (2020) would have started today, however our event was cancelled last month due to covid-19. Luckily, this triggered our event insurance. We do not know what that looks like yet and how long it will take. The insurance won’t discuss next steps until after our event’s dates. (although they did say our … Continued

2020 Keynote: Alyssa Miller

Title: Stealing Reality – Deepfakes Ushering in a New Paradigm of Attacks Abstract: As a result of continuing advancements in neural networks, deep fake media has become increasingly convincing and easy to produce.  Experts have warned of the impact this could have on elections and personal security. Additionally, deepfakes also pose very real threats to … Continued

Hak4Kidz – Milwaukee 2020

Hak4Kidz returns to Milwaukee with it’s 4th year of partnering with CypherCon and MGC (Midwest Gaming Classic) to give your kids the best of both worlds on the same weekend, gaming and hacking! Not necessarily both together.   When: Saturday, April 4, 2020, Opening Ceremonies begin 9:00 am, day ends at 4:00pm (The Day after CypherCon 5.0)Where: … Continued

2020 Keynote: Trenton Ivey

Title: Make(){Break()};Break(){Make()}; Abstract:By definition, hackers make things work in unexpected and unintended ways. To many outside this community, hacking seems like a destructive process. However, anyone that has ever created or utilized an exploit in an imaginative way knows that, at its heart, hacking is all about making something new. This talk, full of technical … Continued