Episode 0 – What is Cyphercon?

The creator of CypherCon, Michael Goetzman and I have a conversation about what CypherCon is, what it means to be a hacker, and what one can expect at CypherCon. We talk about the CypherCon villages – lockpicking and safecracking, IoT and wireless hacking, virtual reality, social engineering, and hacking for rookies.

Noteable Quotes

“I get emails probably once a week saying, ‘I met this person at CypherCon. We’re now working on this project, how can we include this into next year’s CypherCon?’ That’s what keeps me going. That’s what excites me about CypherCon.”

“Use the hacker mentality in everyday life. Whenever there’s a roadblock, think about unorthodox ways and creative means to overcome those challenges. You don’t need a conference to do this, but a conference really helps pull that out and give you a new perspective to taking these challenges to the next level.”