Episode 2 – Radio Frequency Hacking and Math of the Universe

Caleb Madrigal (https://calebmadrigal.com/) and I discuss radio frequency hacking, monitor the transmission signal to unlock my car, Tracker Jacker (https://github.com/calebmadrigal/trackerjacker) which tracks Internet of Things (IoT) devices searching for wireless signals, the math of the universe, surrealism and science fiction, and the nature of God. A fascinating conversation with a fascinating human – there’s something in it for everyone.

Notable quotes from Caleb Madgrigal

  1. “We actually have this energy we’re controlling and we’re controlling by creating these spells…. With Internet of Things (IoT) stuff we can use this invisible energy to control things in the physical world. I mean it feels like magic.”
  2. “Sometimes there’s a longer term price for a shorter term easy.”