Episode 11 – Exploring Art, Gender and Community

In this episode I have the pleasure of chatting with Mar Williams. Mar is an artist and hacker whose interest is in the artistic applications of emerging and open source technology. You have probably seen some of their art featured at CypherCon.

Mar has also done artwork for DEFCON and other notable conferences for the past decade, creates immersive art for Meow Wolf, and is a founding member, and Chairman of Cabal Gallery – a Denver non-profit contemporary arts space.

We start out the conversation about Blucifer and other Denver Airport conspiracy theories as well as the airport trolling itself about the conspiracies. We explore everything art related, hacking gender, and how people within the art and hacking community prop each other up and help out one another. You can find more info on Mar Williams on their website http://ihate.art/ and follow their work on Instagram @spuxo.