CypherCon 5.0/5.1 Postponed


THANK YOU for being patient. Here is the scope as of 2/7/2021:


The CypherCon 2020 & 2021’s Milwaukee event has officially been postponed due to COVID-19. All 2020 passes for the event, including merchandise pre-orders, will be now be honored anytime in the future as a “Forever” one-time ticket and will automatically transfer over.


While we have postponed CypherCon, we continue to work with medical experts and prominent local and state government officials. Our next steps will be re-evaluating with a ‘go/no go’ in June for returning Fall 2021. If we are a ‘go’, we will be calling on the community volunteers, speakers, and villages to see who is available. If we are a ‘no go’ and unable to move forward in June, we will return to our normally scheduled Spring 2022 event. (More information can be found on our FAQ)


Thank you for sticking with us during this, truly THANK YOU! You’re the most amazing community we could ever hope to be a part of. It means the world to us. We would not be able to do any of this without your support. Upon redeeming your ‘forever’ ticket, we will be including an extra gift to lessen the pain we are all feeling.


In addition, we have been actively working to offer more bang for your bucks at the event. We will be returning strong and better than ever! Expect a new website, new puzzles, new art, new ideas!!


We can’t wait to return home to our friends =)