Tech’s Best… but in the Midwest.

Tell us something: When was the last time you were in a room full of Hackers? People who weren’t just Discord / Slack lurkers, but people who’ve made full-stack professions out of your obsessions?

If it’s been a while…




CypherCon: Much more than a Security Conference.

Ever since our conception, CypherCon has aimed to bring the world’s most recognizable hackers and technology talent to Wisconsin.

We’d love to tout our six years of exponential growth and the big-shots that make it all happen… but the reality of this conference is a lot simpler:

CypherCon would be nothing without the humble yet inventive community of volunteers, artists, and hobbyists that come together to deliver a best-in-class HackerCon experience.

And when we say best in class, we mean it.


In Just 48 Hours of CypherCon, You’ll Get…

Industry-leading keynotes covering 5 main tracks: Offensive Security, Defensive Security, Cybersecurity 101, Executive Application, and Hundreds of cryptography challenges & puzzles

Dozens of hands-on hacking demonstrations in our Villages

Direct conversations with peers in your future careers

Interactive, physical art displays

Safe simulated hacking experiences

Endless (anti-)social opportunities

Do you honestly need any more reason to come?



Close-knit Confidence to Statewide Conference

Imagine this: It’s 2015. Zoom and even Skype calls aren’t all that popular for personal friends… much less business.

The only way to meet your industry peers? Big, corporate conferences, held in big, corporate conference centers. Where suits without blazers are considered “casual,” and where an email address is more valuable than a handshake.

Michael Goetzman, an internet veteran and cybersecurity professional at the time, watched as these conferences grew into sterile, stiff environments, and knew he had to do something.


In recoil to the rise of boring business conferences, CypherCon was born!

A nod to the past

CypherCon was originally hosted at the Safehouse Spy Bar and infamous Pfister Hotel, a recognition of Wisconsin’s history & cybersecurity’s roots as anti-spyware, espionage, and war tactic tools.

An immediate hit

CypherCon 1.0 4X’d the initial ticket numbers — literally outgrowing itself within its first year!

A homegrown idea

While CypherCon was originally an idea by Michael Goetzman, it’s never been executed alone. Through the support of local friends, family, and volunteer love, CypherCon is able to thrive to this day.


This year is CypherCon 6.0, and while we’re bigger than ever, we’ve fundamentally stayed the same:

CypherCon is for and by the technology & security community.


CypherCon 6.0: Underground Singularity

Each year, CypherCon pushes the boundaries of conference tech.

This year, our theme is “Underground Singularity,” inspired by the growing fearmongering around general AI and the advancements in technology.

What that means for your experience?

An Interactive Conference

Our interactive badges are back!

If you purchase The Digital/PCB ticket (or higher), you’ll get a physical circuit board badge created by the tymkrs to let you into every talk, village, and trade show floor!


An Anti-Social-Friendly Space

CypherCon’s subcommunities are called “villages.”

Every village features hands-on demonstrations, community challenges, and social opportunities for socialites of all levels. (Which really means all “social” opportunities are anti-social-friendly.)

We also support sub-community meetups! Marginalized communities like queerpunx & educational communities like Hak4Kidz will be at CypherCon 6.0.


A Team of Real Hackers

In the spirit of the natural underground culture of the internet, many of CypherCon 6.0’s core team of organizers prefer to remain unnamed. Most prominently is our blind speaker selection committee.

Goetzman proudly puts on the event alongside industry partners, but it cannot go without saying that CypherCon is and always will be a team effort.

Want to be a part of that effort?


An Artist Addition

This year, interactive art displays are part of the conference experience.

Independent artists are a huge part of this endeavor, as well as our many volunteers who excitedly make things happen.

Our interactive badge by the tymkrs is enhanced beyond tech with their art to complement the conference experience every step of the way!



Join us at our Hacker Conference 2023 with an exemplary selection of presentations and villages from prominent tech experts. Get your tickets now!