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Hacking Your Perceptions in XR! (XR = VR + AR + MR;)


Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) together are now referred to as XR or Extended Reality…

In 2022 XR devices already easily exceed over 10 -MILLION- XR headsets in both consumer and corporation user’s hands today!

From the Meta Quest 2 to the Microsoft Hololens 2, XR is changing how WE experience our own Reality.

But what can go wrong?
What about privacy concerns?
Are every one of our gestures being recorded?
Have you ever gotten VR sick?
How can we trick our brains in beneficial ways?

Together we’ll assess the following XR topics

What is the current state of the leading XR technologies?
We will look at both the technology and the psychology of XR, and how our human brains interact (sometimes quite badly) with XR experiences.
We will explore the security and privacy concerns around having an XR device strapped to your head that sees everything you are seeing, and has the potential to digitally track every gesture and movement you are making.
We will talk about the future of XR and what we will all need to watch out for, while at the same time taking advantage of the huge potential that XR offers to humanity as a whole!

Travis Feirtag and Lance Larsen (Microsoft MVP) today to learn about evolving XR technologies!