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Keynote: Stealing Reality? A Deepfakes Redux.


In the lead-up to the 2020 US Presidential election, there were a lot of concerns from security professionals about the potential role that Deepfake media could play in shaping voter opinions. While these concerns were not unfounded, in the end there were no notable instances of deepfakes being used to manipulate the election. Why not? What is the current status of Deepfake technology? Where are we headed next? Hacker and Security evangelist Alyssa Miller will answer these questions and talk about how the threat landscape will continue to evolve as we head into the future.

In her keynote address, Alyssa will discuss how Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN) have been leveraged since 2018 to create convincing fake videos and audio. She will examine how the technology and approaches to creating deepfakes have changed in the past two years, bringing the capability to an on-demand consumer market through mobile apps and websites. Further, she’ll analyze the reasons why deepfakes didn’t play a greater role in the 2020 election and whether that attack vector still has potential. Alyssa will also discuss what other threats remain, what limitations the current technology has, and how the future threats could evolve with this technology. Join us and discover just how, if at all, are deepfake creators and attackers stealing our reality.