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The Rise of the Largest Decentralized IoT and Cellular Communications Project of All Time in Our Backyards


While we worked from home during COVID, a massive international crypto project exploded in WI that allowed people to put up IoT and now Cellular service from their homes and businesses. From what started as practically nothing in 2020 now has over 250,000 of these hotspots deployed in public as of October 2021 carrying production traffic for large companies such as Lime for Scooters, Salesforce, and even Victor Mouse Traps! As this project continues to grow using unlicensed spectrum such as CBRS on FCC certified equipment, I predict what we will see in the decade ahead to improve the coverage area, quality, and cost of ubiquitous wireless telecommunications. This talk goes over what this decentralized telecommunications project is, how it works which includes a live demonstration of data transfer from an IoT device, and who is behind the project pushing forward with the greatest decentralized international telecommunications project of all time!