Automating Hashtopolis

Dustin Heywood (EvilMog)

Dustin Heywood (EvilMog)

Speaker Bio

Dustin Heywood, otherwise known as EvilMog or @Evil_Mog on Twitter is a member of Team Hashcat, Senior Managing Consultant for X-Force Red, Senior Pyrotechnician, Glider Pilot and Bishop of the Church of Wifi. He specializes in Password Cracking, Shenanigans and once in a while has been known to test a pen or two. He has been black badged to SkydogCon and DerbyCon and is the two time defending champion for DerbyCon Hacker Jeopardy.


This talk will cover the basics of using the Hashtopolis user-api to automate functions in Hashtopolis. This talk will cover connecting to an HTP instance, creating hashlists, creating attacks, recovering plaintext, user creation and more.