Building a Cohesive Undergraduate Security Club

 Ian Klatzco

Ian Klatzco

Speaker Bio

Ian Klatzco is a student at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He likes building organizations and playing dance games. Past accomplishments include research into UIUC’s handling of directory information with LDAP, finding 20+ CVEs in commodity routers, and surviving all his classes. He’s graduating this year, so feel free to send him a ping if you’re interested in hiring him (he likes native code, hardware, and working with teams).


Building good teams (either in the “elite” sense or the “healthy culture” sense) is hard. Our university security club had its ups and downs between boring meetings and inaccessibility to newcomers — we stepped it up this year with on a tighter meeting format, approachable 24-7 internal CTF, and internal documentation. We saw better attendance, more people staying after meetings, and freshmen successfully completing projects with upperclassman mentorship. Other exciting developments include reusable published meetings and writing our own fuzzers.