Don’t Forget to Wipe

Michael Portera

Michael Portera

Speaker Bio

Michael is a Red Team Operator at Millennium Corporation. Before trying to hack all the things, he focused on threat hunting and security analytics. He’s been featured in the official Raspberry Pi magazine (MagPi) and likes sharing ideas, most recently at Shmoocon XV. He enjoys maker culture, CTFs, arcade games, and dance parties with his toddler.


On June 29, 2018, Toys R Us shut its doors to the public after filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The months leading up to that day consisted of liquidating its assets, including the computer hardware found in local stores. While everything should have been sanitized before being let go, it wasn’t. In this talk, we’ll take a look at what happened and I’ll review my forensics investigation: what I was able to recover, how I did it, and the importance of sanitizing devices before disposing. Spoiler alert: it’s bad…