Encryption, Silver Bullets, and Holy Water

J Wolfgang Goerlich

J Wolfgang Goerlich

Speaker Bio

J Wolfgang Goerlich supports information security initiatives for clients in the healthcare, education, financial services, and energy verticals. In his current role with CBI, a cyber security consultancy firm, Wolfgang is the senior vice president for strategic security programs. Wolfgang also sponsors the Academy teams, providing mentoring and guidance to the junior-level talent. He is an active part of the security community and hosts a YouTube video series. Wolfgang regularly advises on and rambles about how to build strategy around security controls like encryption.


Werewolves attack? We have silver bullets. Vampires attack? We have holy water. Criminal hackers attack? We have encryption. Or at least, that’s how we’d like it to play out. The villains come and the heroes beat them back. But too often, encryption is like water without the holy, bullets without the silver. The configuration is wrong, or the code is incomplete, or other simple flaws trip us up. This talk will cover how and where to architect for encryption to get real protection