Engineering Manager – Crypto Payments

Matthew Werner

Matthew Werner

Speaker Bio

Matthew Werner joined Coinbase at the start of 2017, just in time to usher in the latest boom in the cryptocurrency industry. He leads the Crypto Payments team, overseeing all on-chain transactions, development of wallet software, and design of the latest blockchain interaction technology.


Anatomy of a Hotwallet – Bitcoin at Scale
Coinbase has become one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. The systems we’ve built to satisfy the increasing volume of sends and receives on a variety of blockchains is called our “hot wallet”. Operating these systems require special technical expertise and a strong understanding of the nuances of these new technologies. This talk describes how the systems operate, challenges we’ve faced, and how we’ve overcome these constraints to provide our customers with a world-class cryptocurrency product. The talk will include topics such as fee estimation, coin selection, change splitting, UTXO consolidation, and child pays for parent.