Micro And Nano-Segmentation: Lessons Learned From The Field, Thoughts On The Future

Russ From

Russ From

Speaker Bio

Russell From is currently a Technical Account Manager for Tanium where he helps organizations take advantage of the incredible speed, scale, and capabilities of Tanium’s complete endpoint management and visibility technology. Previously Russ was a Senior Network Security Engineer for US Cellular where he defended customers and business partners by focusing on proactive network behavior analysis, network forensics, mobile malware identification and remediation, DDoS defense, and threat intelligence automation. Russ also defended an electronic medical records vendor in Madison, WI as the Network Security lead on IPS, IDS, Network Decryption, Traffic Analysis, and Network Security Response on fully micro-segmented virtualized infrastructure. Before moving to the defensive side of cyber security, Russ had 8 years of experience including Principal Network Engineering for Global Cloud Deployments at the nation’s largest wireless carrier. Russ currently holds the GPEN, GSEC Gold, GCIA, GCIH, and CISSP certifications. Russ also has a Bachelors from UW-Madison in Computer Engineering, an MBA from Marquette University, and is working to complete the SANS Masters in Information Security Engineering program. Russ’s hobbies and interests include bass fishing, residential solar & wind energy, aquaponics, urban farming, and micro-housing.


This presentation introduces Micro-Segmentation and includes industry adoption statistics, strategies, and implementation examples. This presentation came from my personal experience implementing Micro-Segmentation in a fully virtualized hosted infrastructure environment for many large hospital systems. This talk will cover why we need segmentation, what the benefits are, how it evolved, and what it enables before explaining a flaw of Micro- Segmentation and how it is addressed using the recently defined term Nano-Segmentation. I also briefly touch on the famous Zero Trust Model and how Micro-Segmentation makes security more effective by following the principles of the Zero Trust Framework. Last, I will briefly cover how any organization can implement Micro and Nano-Segmentation using Tanium in a physical and/or virtual environment that scales up to millions of endpoints.