Security lessons from the Woofmutt

Chris Roberts

Chris Roberts

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· Curiosity killed the cat, but in OUR world, that’s the job of an OSINT analyst.

· Speaking of cats, plan ahead, they are faster and more agile… think BEFORE acting

· Puppy eyes, drool AND sideways looks work…social engineering IS a good skill to have

· Try everything at least once, even if it means sticking your head in the trashcan…

· Always be upfront, that way there’s no miscommunication

· If at first you fail, try again; eventually you will get the chew toy on top of the bookcase.

· Never underestimate the need for a good hug

· Nothing is forever; live every moment as if it were your last.

These lessons and more will be covered, dissected AND somehow related to us as humans and us as tech folks.