Thrift Shoppin’ with your data

Josh Frantz

Josh Frantz

Speaker Bio

Josh Frantz is a security consultant at Rapid7. From a very young age, he enjoyed trolling trolls and breaking things. Now, he spends his time automating boring and mundane security tasks, showing companies how to securely advance their business and playing with his 3 year old son.


Do you ever wonder what happens with disk drives, flash drives, even floppy drives when you drop them off at thrift stores or e-recycling centers? You signed an agreement saying they would wipe your data, so that no one could ever find those text files filled with passwords and sensitive information. Well, even though you signed that piece of paper, these thrift stores and e-recycling centers have not been making good on their contractual obligations.

We all have a box of wires, 10 flash drives and 5 hard drives laying around. How do you properly dispose of those devices safely and securely? In this presentation, we take a dive into thrift shopping all around Wisconsin, in particular, buying your data back from those who agreed to destroy it. You signed an agreement saying that your disks would be wiped, your data destroyed, but based on what i found, that couldn’t be further from the truth.