COVID-19: Pandemic Pandemonium

Michelle Meas

Michelle Meas

Speaker Bio

Michelle is a graduate student at UC Berkeley in the Infectious
Diseases and Vaccinology MPH program. She has a BS in Molecular and
Cellular Biology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. At
Berkeley, her research focuses on a dengue viral protein called NS-1.
She works closely with Cyphercon BHV, with her main interests being
medicine, bioweaponry, and neuromodulation. Her former research
contributions include a study on epigenetics in relation to Alzheimer’s
Disease at Northwestern University, metabolic pathway studies,
protein-protein interaction, and analyses of epidemic outbreaks. In her
spare time she enjoys making art, cooking, karaoke, memes, and Staying
Up Too Late™.


The novel coronavirus outbreak that started late last year has already
shaken up the global economy, caused massive public unrest, and given us
the equal parts funny and dystopian situation with those
face-recognizing drones that yell at people for not wearing masks. But
with so many people talking about the same thing, how do we sort out
what’s real and what’s conspiracy? Is the novel coronavirus a bioweapon?
Are pangolins secretly humanity’s great adversary? Do masks actually
work? Why the heck are we talking about Russia? This talk will begin
with an overview of the latest literature on COVID-19 and highlights of
the outbreak so far. From there we will dissect the various claims made
by private entities, separating fact from fanatical and tracking how
information travels through meatspace.