Crowdsourcing and Collaborative Product Development at Wikipedia

Adam Baso

Adam Baso

Speaker Bio

Adam Baso is an Engineering Director at the Wikimedia Foundation, where he supports teams responsible for Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons user experiences and infrastructure serving over a billion users in hundreds of languages. Adam has worked at Wikimedia for about 7 years, developing Wikipedia Zero and contributing to the Wikipedia apps for iOS and Android and Firefox OS before taking on strategic management duties. Prior to Wikimedia he worked as a freelance consultant, an application and geospatial developer in government, and an information security professional in banking and retail. Adam enjoys applying data analysis and machine learning to real world challenges.
Adam is the former president of the OWASP Minneapolis-Saint Paul chapter where he organized chapter meetups and the national OWASP conference, and he contributed to the OWASP Top Ten 2013 edition. He continues to take an active interest in engineering for resilience and the pushing the limits of low cost computing devices, such as for offline voice based access to knowledge bases.


The early days of the open web encouraged a collaborative model of software development – technology built from the ground up, systems that were developed collectively and without hierarchy. For the past two decades, Wikipedia has succeeded to a large degree because of that collaborative model. It invites contributions, from our content down to our code. This talk will discuss how to build a truly participatory product development model, the opportunities and challenges Wikipedia has faced as a result of its open approach to technology platforms, and what the future looks like.