Epstein Faraday didn’t kill himself



Speaker Bio

Travis Sagert (“F4R4D4Y”) is an Industrial Electrician working in the Milwaukee area. His career path started as an automotive technician for Ford, tinkering with EEC-IV (OBD1) control systems, engineering his own test equipment and breakout box. He then left the job for a career in electronics, eventually traveling the world in Telecom up until the dot-com crash. A few years later, after endless computer projects, home-made alarm systems and circuit bending before it was cool, he joined a local DEFCON chapter in 2010 and has become an “OG” of Milwaukee’s DEFCON 414 group.
His personal accomplishments range from trivial to significant. His first attempt to use a hex editor, he combined the no-CD crack with the Doom III Win 98 patch and it worked the first try. That was enough to inspire him to try and hack anything, or “mod it ’till it breaks”. In 2011 gathered Iris ID images for “permanent ID theft” by hiding an HD camera inside a Nintendo Virtual Boy, pretending/social engineering that he was porting it to a 3-D television. The image then could be saved and compared to an existing database he also obtained with social engineering, data that he suspects could be leaked like passwords in the future. He asked visitors of Cyphercon 2 to “Try the Nintendo” and “follow the project” on Facebook to get their iris image and real name. The project was somewhat profitable, as he met his fiancée, she being the first to have her iris “stolen” (She helped him run his “Mouth Hacking” demo at Cyphercon 3). Other exploits include in 2014, noticing a major airline’s boarding pass system and QR code was not up to par when it comes to avoiding the “pay $35 to board first fee”. It was responsibly disclosed, possibly after a flight or two, as part of his “responsible verification”.
Lesser trolling-level achievements have been photoshopping Waldo out of “Where’s Waldo” images for juvenile relatives and wiring a stun gun to the classic “Operation” board game.
He currently resides in a suburb of Milwaukee, reads textbooks for fun, and owns a rescue cat whom was doxxed in 2015. He teaches soldering at Hak4Kidz events, and arguably has the largest collection of Nintendo Virtual Boy systems in the world, about 140.


What happens when a social-media addicted hacker and Twitter Troll quits the internet for six months? What happens to a human being – whom are social animals – when their main contact methods with friends, family, enemies, and coworkers is dissolved?
Did erasing his data from OSINT and family tree/ancestry sites help with privacy, at least? What about the memes? WHAT ABOUT THE MEMES?!
Listen to his story how it simultaneously saved and ruined his social life at the same time as his health improved (with all the consequential data he could collect) to help you make an informed decision if you decide to make the ultimate pièce de résistance of our digital age.