It’s Log, It’s Log… or Why are standards not standard

Mike ‘Shecky’ Kavka

Mike ‘Shecky’ Kavka

Speaker Bio

Shecky, AKA: Michael Kavka, has been interested in computers and technology most of his life. He has been in the world of IT as a professional for over 20 years now, having worked his way up from Help Desk positions to his current Sr. Security Engineer position for a Chicago based company. Over the years he as volunteered for Hak4Kidz, BSides Chicago, and BurbsecCon to name a few. He one of the founders of the Loop Infosec Happy Hour in Chicago, and helps run the monthly Burbsec North meetup.


There are so many things we deal with in the field of Information Security, and so many vendors out there to deal with. The money to be made is staggering for vendors, but at what cost? Using a non-standard standard (i.e. Syslog), and not supporting easy of integration seem to be the norm, but is that not creating a less secure world? We shall take a brief look at reasoning why the world of security vendors might be hurting the security field overall with the non-standard standards used.