Stop, think about the psychology of the hack and hacker FIRST!

Daniel Creed

Daniel Creed

Speaker Bio

Daniel Creed, has worked in various aspects of cybersecurity for more than 25 years. Throughout his career he has performed thousands of penetration tests, lead red/blue/purple teams, been a part of domestic and international forensics investigations, and worked across numerous aspects of governmental, educational, and private industry complexes. He is currently the Director, Global Information Security leading several security teams across the globe for a large enterprise. He holds a B.S. in Cybersecurity & Information Assurance, and is currently completing his Masters of Business Administration, with a focus on Technology Management.


We are by nature technologist, and far to often when we see something suspicious on the network, we immediately jump to a technological solution without stopping to think about the psychology of what we are seeing, and what that can mean in the form of an attack/breach.