The Ethics of Risk

Susan Lincke

Susan Lincke

Speaker Bio

Susan Lincke PhD CISA CRISC is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at University of Wisconsin-Parkside.  She is the author of Security Planning: An Applied Approach (Springer), and received an NSF grant CCLI Grant: ‘Information Security: Audit, Case Study, and Service Learning’ between 2009-2013. She developed the cyber-security certificate at University of Wisconsin-Parkside and co-developed its security lab.  She has 17 years of software engineering and project management experience in telecommunications, including at Motorola, GE and MCI.  She has 50 academic publications in information security and wireless modeling.


Security is often not funded because risk costs, as evaluated by an organization for its own benefit, has a ROI that is below other possible investments. However, there are multiple benefits of evaluating risk from an ethical perspective. This presentation proposes a maturity model for the ethics of risk, based on an evaluation of research related to ethical risk. The framework describes risk, management, legal, and engineering concerns appropriate to risk analysts, security staff, or software engineering professionals. The framework provides a list of actionable items for each of five levels of ethical risk maturity.