Why Should Anyone Listen? Practical Advice for Security Pros to Build Influence & Impact

Melanie Ensign

Melanie Ensign

Speaker Bio

Melanie is a senior communication advisor with experience in reputation management, media relations, employee education, incident response, disclosure incentives, consumer engagement, and public policy. She currently leads security, privacy, engineering communication at Uber where she serves as an advisor to the company’s executive team including the CTO, Chief Trust & Security Officer, Chief Privacy Officer, and CISO. Additionally, Melanie leads the press team for DEF CON. She holds a degree in communications from the University of Illinois-Chicago and a Masters of Science in public relations from Boston University.


This talk is about earning influence and becoming a trusted advisor inside and outside a security organization. It is for everyone who wants to effectively advise business leaders, technical managers, and decision-makers. It’s also for anyone yearning to be heard by their boss or peers.