Meet the great legends of CypherCon! Will you take up a challenge and become the next legend?


1.0 –


A 20 year IT professional who has been working with computers for 35 years. Between Social and cracking the Crypto contest with a few friends he was able to rack up enough points to Hack CypherCon and win the first Lifetime Badge. (check out his cyphercon writeup


1.0 –

Steve McGrath

A cyber-security professional, programmer, tinkerer, and all-around awesome guy (assuming you think that rageful geeks are awesome peeps). After much pleading with Shecky against doing the crypto challenge, he was roped into the frustrating entertainment that was the first-year crypto challenge. Thankfully the fruits of all of this face-desking resulted in one of the first lifetime badges at CypherCon 1.0.