CypherCon 2023

5 Enterprise Architectures Every Tech Executive Should Understand

Nathan Lasnoski


In this presentation Nathan will discuss five key enterprise architectures that mitigate the most common security threats.  This is not a product discussion, but is instead an architectural one that you’ll recognize various product vendors leveraging.  The goal of this presentation is to help you leverage accessible enterprise frameworks to simplify and optimize your security portfolio.  You should walk away with an understanding of architectural topologies and how they could fit into your organization.


I’m delivering this talk because as a consultant for 21 years I’ve seen many companies compromised via means that could have been prevented, or at least slowed down by more effective architectural approaches that now exist.  The common theme of “if only they had” runs through my mind.  The goal is to help tech executives to make hard choices that will improve the security profile of the organization, potentially by improving the user experience at the same time.

Nathan Lasnoski

MVP of MVPs!

Nathan Lasnoski is the Chief Technology Officer of Concurrency, a CIO/CTO advisor, a 13 x Microsoft MVP, and frequent speaker at Microsoft Ignite.  Nathan has spent the last 21 years advising enterprise organizations on their technology strategy, finding similar themes along the way.  Nathan will share experiences that facilitate direct and honest opportunities for most companies to improve their security position.