CypherCon 2023

A “Brazillian” Different Kinds of Malware and Why Your Organization Should Care

Jared Peck


In this presentation I will discuss the basic process for real threat actor attribution and how this process was used to identify a new financially motivated threat actor group targeting Portuguese and Spanish speaking victims with many interesting malware and phishing operations. Many organizations based in North America and Europe would not consider this
group a threat; however, global supply chains make this threat actor group a worldwide menace.

Many organizations fail to take into account how threats outside their home country or region can affect their operations. I intend to show how a seemingly insignificant threat actor operation primarily targeting Mexico and South America has global ripple effects and why it is
important to look at similar threats to an organization’s entire supply chain.

Jared Peck


Jared Peck is a Senior Threat Researcher at Proofpoint where he focuses on phishing kits, phishing services, and Brazilian banking actor and malware research..  Prior to joining Proofpoint, Jared spent eight years at a Fortune 500 financial services company in several roles including Senior Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst.  Before changing careers to information security, Jared worked in the emergency services field for over 15 years as a firefighter, paramedic, and hospital emergency room technician.  Jared holds several SANS certifications including GCTI, GREM, GCIH, and GCIA.