CypherCon 2024

AI’s Corporate Quagmires: Navigating the Minefield

Grant Ecker, Founder and Chairman, Chief Architect Forum


Prepare for a journey through the treacherous terrain of corporate AI integration. In this session, we’ll dive into the unavoidable headaches that come with the flooding demand for obligatory deployments of AI in enterprise environments. From unavoidable eyerolls to promising approaches, we’ll explore the dark side of incorporating AI solutions into corporate environments and how we can build unifying guardrails, collaborative design approaches and integrated governance processes that help the company find its way. Join us as we navigate through the murky waters of AI adoption, seeking to ensure cybersecurity measures are considered, and major risks are managed amidst aggressive AI adoption efforts. All while trying to keep our heads above the shark…err… snark-infested waters of corporate bureaucracy.

Grant Ecker

Seen him around the iron horse…

Grant Ecker is the Founder and Chairman of the Chief Architect Forum. Most recently as Vice President and Chief Enterprise Architect at Danaher, Grant built their Architecture and Artificial Intelligence capabilities.  Previously, Grant was the VP of Architecture at Walgreens Boots Alliance and held a similar role at Medtronic. Grant also built EA’s operations at Lowe’s Home Improvement and grew into leadership at General Mills.  Grant is a Certified Coach, received his MBA from the Carlson School of Management, his BSCS from Washington University in St. Louis and he holds various board advisory roles out of Chicago, Illinois.