CypherCon 2024

An Introduction to IoT Hacking: From Chip to Cloud

Aaron Wasserman


As more and more “smart” devices hit the market, they usher in new waves of security challenges. With applications ranging from autonomous vehicles to medical devices, security vulnerabilities in connected devices can have drastic physical consequences. For many hackers, even those in product security, getting started with Internet of Things (IoT) security can be intimidating. In this beginner-friendly talk, I’ll discuss the anatomy of an IoT security assessment from hardware to the cloud. We’ll cover the basic skills and tools you’ll need to start finding vulnerabilities and several advanced techniques and their applications.

Aaron Wasserman

Smart devices for smart people!

Aaron is a Security Engineer on Praetorian’s IoT Team, performing IoT/hardware, web, and mobile security assessments for Praetorian’s clients. Aaron joined Praetorian after completing his M.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Georgia Tech, where his coursework focused on hardware security and reverse engineering. He also holds the Attify Certified IoT Pentester (ACIP) certification, among other industry certifications.