CypherCon 2024

Biohacking: Securing Sexuality

Stefani Goerlich & J Wolfgang Goerlich


Throughout time, folks looking for love (or lust) have found formed relationships with one another by leveraging community networks – relatives, clergy, nosy neighbors, even matchmakers. For the first time in history, relationships are no longer mediated by other people, but rather by technology. From dating websites and social media to AI partners and connected sex toys, technology represents an evolutionary factor we have not seen since the agricultural revolution… and for the most part, tech companies are entirely unprepared. Attendees will learn how to critically examine both their use of technologies AND their relationship to these tools. They will be able to articulate a framework for digital health and apply its principles to relationships both online and off. We will critically examine surveillance culture as well as changing legal and social norms and explore the way these impact client safety across the lifespan. This presentation is relevant to anyone who uses technology to manage their personal information, cultivate and maintain their personal relationships, or to facilitate their professional work.

Stefani Goerlich & J Wolfgang Goerlich

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Stefani Goerlich is an award-winning author, Clinical Social Worker, and Certified Sex Therapist who specializes in working with and writing about the BDSM/kink community. The founder of Bound Together Counseling and the Bound Together Foundation, Stefani is a Board-Certified Clinical Sexologist, spends way too much time on Reddit, and recently dropped out of one of the best cyber criminology programs in the country. Describing herself as “tech adjacent,” she’s learned everything she knows about information security by hanging out at the bar with hackers.
J. Wolfgang Goerlich is an Advisory CISO with Cisco. Prior to this role, he led IT and IT security in the healthcare and financial services verticals. Wolfgang has held senior positions at several consulting firms, leading security advisory and assessment practices. He is an active part of the security community, co-founding and organizing communities and conferences. Wolfgang regularly works in security architecture and design, identity and access management, zero trust, and resilience.