CypherCon 2022

Building AIML Driven Virtual Assistants

John Platais


We’ve all been there.  You visit your favorite website only to be harassed by the virtual assistant.  Being asked the same questions, in the same way…Over and Over.  Never really getting the answers you need, or the direction required to move forward.  This brings us to the power of AIML Driven Virtual Assistants.  In this session I will introduce the concept of Conversational Driven Design and how to use open-source solutions to add “Intelligent” bots to your environment.  We will review current options, security implications of AIML driven virtual assistants, and build a simple bot that participants can model and bring back to their organizations.

John Platais

Fears the legend and myth of Goat Man

John Platais is a Sr. Director of AIOPS at one of today’s largest fintech organizations.  John and team design, build, and implement custom AIML driven automation solutions, autonomous functions, and applications to enhance technology operations and ensure fintech stability and availability across the globe.  When not emersed in code, John enjoys classic cars, road trips, and time with family.