CypherCon 2022

Building an Unlicensed 802.11 Particle Accelerator

Travis Kaun


WiFi Bustin’ makes me feel good!  This talk will showcase the first of its kind ‘Pwnton Pack’, a Ghostbuster’s inspired take on a wireless penetration testing. Featuring hardware hacking, microcontrollers and wireless attack arsenals bundled into a unique package; come learn why such a pack exists and fun details around the build experience. This talk is meant to inspire newcomers to InfoSec, Arduino devices and provide a fun take on existing methodologies and toolsets. For your WiFi security needs; Who you gonna call?!

Travis Kaun

Probably a ghostbuster.

Travis began his Information Security career-building *nix chops by managing firewalls and intrusion detection systems with a managed security services provider. After time spent on the defensive side in the corporate world, Travis put on an offensive cap for a consulting role and hasn’t looked back. Travis specializes in penetration testing, focusing on gaining a foothold and expanding to a large compromise while hunting for ‘crown jewels.’ Travis is a proud member of the TrustedSec Force team.