CypherCon 2023

Technical Solutions Architect

Larry Edie & Jeremey Hagerman


Larry Edie and Jeremey Hagerman discuss Cisco – Technical Solutions Architect

Larry Edie & Jeremey Hagerman


Jeremey Hagerman has a strong record of accomplishment and is well regarded in the Cyber Security Industry.   With a wealth of experience in both cybersecurity leadership and hands-on technical work, Jeremy brings a unique perspective to his role. He previously led the CyberDefense Team at Discover Financial Services, where he was responsible for securing networks, web applications, and cloud infrastructures. Under his leadership, the team transitioned to an agile workflow and achieved notable improvements in performance, reliability, and employee satisfaction.
Before taking on a leadership role, Jeremey was instrumental in building and running the Security Operations Center (SOC) at Discover Financial Services. He designed and executed a successful program for defending against cyber threats and incident management, thus safeguarding the company’s assets. Prior to that, he worked as a Security Engineer at Abbott Laboratories, where he designed and implemented a comprehensive intrusion detection system.
Regarded as an expert in his field, today Jeremey provides technical guidance and advises customers on the latest cybersecurity solutions and best practices as a Technical Solutions Architect for Cisco Systems.