CypherCon 2023

Click here to end the world: Navigating the vulnerability hype cycle.

Jonathan Rogers


A new week, a new vulnerability or at least that’s the way it seems to go. With every new vulnerability we cybersecurity professionals are told that the sky is beginning to fall and shortly all of cyberspace will come to an end. As it was for Chicken Little though, so it is for us and we continue forward, holding our breath waiting for the end to come. Here we are stuck in this cycle bouncing from vulnerability to vulnerability with a constant headache.
The question becomes how do we deal with the constant pressure of this cycle? How do we reasonably handle vulnerabilities without losing our minds? In this talk we will talk about how one can avoid getting stuck in the loop of this vulnerability hype cycle and how we can maintain a reasonable mindset while dealing with so many vulnerabilities. What are the things we should look at to determine if a vulnerability is all noise or if it is something to be concerned with.  At the end of this talk listeners will be equipped to better handle vulnerabilities without getting caught in hype and hopefully having some sanity left. 

Jonathan Rogers

New week, new vulnerability!

Jonathan Rogers is currently working as a Cyber Security Analyst and Awareness Specialist. He primarily works to improve his organizations cyber security posture, helps build end user awareness, completes risk assessments and threat research.