CypherCon 2024

Cryptography Myths and Misconceptions

Tony Ropson


This talk is intended to address some of the more common cryptography myths and misconceptions that appear in online cryptography discussion groups.  “Is AES-128 ECB mode broken?”, “Should I encrypt everything twice to be extra secure?”, “Has the government broken all of our crypto?”  We will take a look at some of these questions and provide a better understanding of how cryptography is less “magic” and more of a deep and fascinating area of information security.

Tony Ropson

PKI/Cryptography Engineer

Tony has been a backend software engineer with over ten years of experience in various industries including health insurance, logistics, and manufacturing.  He made the mistake of learning about the black magic of public/private key cryptography as a junior engineer and has yet to emerge from the very deep cryptography rabbit hole.   Tony is currently employed as a PKI/Cryptography engineer at a Fortune 500 company where he gets to enjoy all the sharp edges of working with modern cryptography and x509 certificates.