CypherCon 2024

Cybersecurity & Industrial Infrastructure Security Apprenticeship Program (CIISAp)

Dillon Lee


Industrial Cybersecurity has never been more important than now, we have record shortage of individuals to fill the roles organizations are needing and yet we do not have robust programs to fill labor shortages in this field. Competency based apprenticeship have been filling labor shortages in trades for years, it gives hands on, in the field experience, good starting pay and employers see longer tenures in the employees that worked through a good apprenticeship program. ICS Village and its partners are working on building the next competency based apprenticeship program for ICS Cybersecurity, this includes hands-on learning, train the trainer programs and working with agencies to secure grants to help fund new apprenticeship opportunities.  Come learn the key differences between ICS Cybersecurity and traditional security fields, why apprenticeships is the correct approach to filling this void in the job market and more.

Dillon Lee

ICS Village!

Dillon volunteers for ICS Village and works at Dragos as a Principal Technical Account Manager. Throughout the year he volunteers for ICS Village to increase public’s awareness of the need OT systems have for cybersecurity with interactive learning like CTF, TTX, and interactive demos.  As a Technical Account manager, he is a specialized product expert who works collaboratively with OT/IT organizations to strategically plan for successful deployments and help realize optimizations of their OT processes.