CypherCon 2023

Cybersecurity (Zero Trust) risks and enforcements for connected devices

Syed Rehan


Cybercrime costs to grow by 15 percent per year over the next five years, reaching $10.5 trillion USD annually by 2025, up from $3 trillion USD in 2015, Cyber threat intelligence is always a crucial part of any organisation which has connecting devices, as we connect more devices to external networks or through external networks we expose our self to all sort of attacks. The volume of cyber threats is increasing exponentially and likely will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Manual actions simply will not keep pace. As a result, it is imperative we can leverage the power of cloud and augment with Machine learning with data we generate. The internet of things (IoT) covers billions of interconnected devices reachable through the internet from any location and device. Too often, “reachable” can include unauthorized entities as well as intended users. Consequently, new IoT security-related threats have arisen that have the potential to profoundly impact your workloads. In this session, learn how a security strategy that includes using cloud services to mitigate, prevent and provide dynamic measures that can be further enforced with Zero Trust principles.

Syed Rehan

AWS, Zero Trust, & Connected Devices!

Syed has been with AWS from the past 6 years, Syed has been one of the founding member of AWS IoT organisation in EMEA, currently tasked to drive contribution, adoption, and community engagement for AWS IoT / ML across the globe, while providing feedback and insight to help create the best IoT focused products on the planet. Syed also Actively participates in open source projects and is a respected member of the open source community and works with other Global AWS ML, Serverless, Compute service teams counterparts to share best practices and help build a best-in-the-industry organization committed to building the best cloud products on earth. He is a author of top 3 workshops out of 10 for official AWS workshops and is a regular speaker for AWS IoT for re:invent and AWS summits across the globes delivering compelling presentations, product demos, sample solutions, and discussions to drive adoption of AWS technologies and augmenting with Threat Cybersecurity patterns cloud and IoT face.