CypherCon 2023

Defeating Alarmed Doors

Bill Graydon


If you caught the Lock Bypass 101 talk, you know how to get doors open covertly.  But what if they have an alarm on them, or in the room beyond?  Learn about common sensors, configurations, controllers, and how to defeat them – then go try it in the Physical Security Village after

Bill Graydon

What.. if the door wins?

Bill Graydon is a principal at GGR Security, where he hacks everything from locks and alarms to critical infrastructure, gets paid to break into buildings, and then tells them how to fix it.  He’s passionate about advancing the security field through research, teaching numerous courses, giving talks, and running DEF CON’s Physical Security Village. He’s received various degrees in computer engineering, security, and forensics and comes from a broad background in cyber security, anti-money laundering, and infectious disease detection.