CypherCon 2022

Dragons Can Fly

Joe Cicero


Mythical Medieval times used many protections I’m sure you’ve heard of; like moats, turrets and towers.  They also had some you might not be familiar with like machicolations and the barbican.  All of these were meant to keep out attackers on foot and horseback.  But Dragons can Fly.

In this talk, Joe Cicero will look at attacks on some typical security layers and show how malicious actors are able to circumvent standard security configurations and security best practices.  Did you know that malicious actors can rent a domain for as little as $100.00 and the traffic won’t be decrypted by SSL inspection because web filtering is categorizing the domain as healthcare?  You can compromise some of the security layers all of the time, and all of the security layers some of the time, when you compromise all of the security layers at the same time you have a breach.

Joe Cicero

CypherCon OG

Joe Cicero has had positions covering numerous aspects of computers including: Help Desk Support, Technician, Programmer, Columnist, Network Administrator, Director of Technology, Computer Security and Incident Response Team Member, Defense Forensic Examiner, Instructor and Senior Security Engineer. He is passionate about security, privacy and forensics and enjoys “tinkering” with all types of technology. Joe has spoken within Wisconsin and nationally at Defcon, HOPE, UAT, THOTCON, CypherCon and WACCI.