CypherCon 2022

Duck and Cover 2.0: How Preparing for the End of the World Can Prepare You for Anything

Jo Jones


Even though the Cold War ended almost 30 years ago, there are still a lot of valuable lessons that can be learned from that era. One of the hallmarks of Civil Defense was to prepare yourself and your family for the coming Nuclear War. There were thousands of pamphlets, ads and movies created to teach people how to survive and thrive when Mutually Assured Destruction came to fruition. In this presentation, I will go over some of the more famous Civil Defense campaigns of the Cold War and how you can apply these tips to keep yourself and your companies safe in the modern world.

Jo Jones

The only one prepared for Thermonuclear War.

Jo Jones is a Cold War scholar based in the Milwaukee area. Her specialties include Civilian Civil Defense, survival during extreme events such as nuclear war and how to fix broken cultures and systems in businesses. She has been a consultant for numerous nonprofit clients and has spoken at many conferences on a variety of topics including how to hire better workers, how to effectively utilize interns, how to plan for the unexpected and how to tailor your social media presence to your audience. In her spare time, she can be found playing pinball and vintage video game systems. She also enjoys running and has competed in marathons and half-marathons. (For fun. Seriously.)