CypherCon 2024

Finding Shade in the Hot Zero Day Summer

Matthew Hoerger


The ever-growing landscape of zero-day threats can leave security teams feeling parched and exposed. This session delves beyond the technical deluge of disclosures, equipping threat hunters with practical techniques to extract valuable indicators and build actionable defenses. We’ll explore how to navigate the data desert, sift for hidden gems, and transform technical clues into robust detection rules, proactive threat hunts and validating security controls. By learning to decode the data blizzard, security teams can build their own oasis of resilience and emerge from a “Hot Zero-day Summer” stronger than ever.

Matthew Hoerger

Pro Hacker

Matthew Hoerger, a Principal Threat Researcher on Mandiant/Google’s Validation Research Team, is a cybersecurity expert who thrives on learning about vulnerabilities and safeguarding systems. He brings a unique blend of hands-on experience and technical acumen, having transitioned from an 8-year career as a Master Mechanic to the world of cyber defense 6 years ago.

Driven by a passion for continuous learning and exploration, Matthew holds an OSCP certification and has achieved “Pro Hacker” status on Hack The Box. His expertise encompasses vulnerability research, exploitation development, threat intelligence gathering, and penetration testing.

When not delving into the depths of cybersecurity, Matthew enjoys firing up the grill, savoring delicious craft beer, and exploring the art of barbeque.