CypherCon 2024

From Graduation Cap to White Hat: Getting Hired in Cybersecurity

D J Vogel


“How do I get a job in cybersecurity?” is one of the most common questions we get asked as experienced cybersecurity professionals. Whether it’s becoming a sexy red team penetration tester executing custom malware, an invaluable blue team security admin responsible for protecting key infrastructure, or any shade of the rainbow in between… there are key characteristics that get you hired in this industry.

Do certs matter? What stands out on a resume? Do I need experience? What if I don’t know anyone? As a lifelong cybersecurity practitioner, Wisconsin business owner, hiring manager, and college educator, DJ will share his experiences and success stories of local friends and peers breaking into and advancing their careers in cybersecurity.

If you’re just entering the industry, come hear how to get a head start on your cybersecurity career. If you’re an experienced veteran, learn tips for finding quality candidates to hire. Regardless of your experience, you’ll gain value from this discussion and sharing your perspective with others!

D J Vogel

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DJ is a partner at Ghostscale, a premier cybersecurity consultancy. He has spent over 20 years consulting to organizations and educating individuals on information security, compliance management, risk strategies, technical security testing, and incident response. He has hacked into banks, written customized malware to access sensitive client data, and led forensic investigations for companies to find others who did the same without permission. He has founded multiple security consultancies and was a professor of cybersecurity at the first university in Wisconsin to be designated as a Center of Academic Excellence for cybersecurity by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the National Security Agency (NSA).