CypherCon 2024

From radio hacking to failure to pixel crafting

Caleb Madrigal


What does radio hacking have in common with art? In this story, ~~~WAVE~~~ math. Come hear about burnout, and (hopefully-continued) recovery. Come and maybe learn a little math magic.

Caleb Madrigal

Math Art Pixel Crafting Radio Hacking

Caleb is a hacker who has learned a bunch of math to do radio hacking, then started doing art, but then stopped to pursue money by building a startup in Colombia, but then he burned out hard… for like 3 years… then started doing yoga and FINALLY found his way out of this burnout. Now he does math art at In the past, Caleb worked at Mandiant (before they were acquired by Google) building cyber weapons, and helping detect malware with Machine Learning. Caleb has experience using Machine Learning in Cybersecurity applications, IoT hacking, wifi hacking, and network hacking. He built trackerjacker, a tool for seeing what’s happening in the wifi world (like if your security camera is uploading videos when you’re not expecting it), and a file encryption app called