CypherCon 2024

Hardware Implant Revolution: Unveiling ISM Bands on Hardware Implants for Red Team Operations

Victor Fernandez


Building a physical implant for Red Team engagements brings with it some unique challenges. For one, such an implant could be put just about anywhere: a bathroom without a power outlet, it could be dropped from a drone onto a roof or shack, the possibilities are endless. The potential for unlimited locations, then, requires a configuration unique to each. This presentation will dive into the analysis, design and implementation of physical implants using LoRa modulation as an alternative method of remote communication for Red Team operations.

Victor Fernandez

ISM Bands , Are you a groupie?

Victor is a Senior Red Team Analyst at United Airlines with 7 years of experience in offensive security. After immigrating to the United States in 2017 from Spain, Victor started his stateside career at Underwriter Laboratories doing penetration testing on medical device technologies, including software and hardware-embedded devices, wireless devices, and web and mobile applications. In his current position, Victor performs and manages Red Team Engagements, Attack Surface Reduction assessments, Physical Engagements, and handles United Airlines’ Vulnerability Disclosure Program to help enhance United’s cybersecurity posture. In his free time, Victor spends time with his wife and three children (hackers are great at hide-and-seek).