CypherCon 2023

Hot or Not: Offensive Attacks!

Travis Kaun



Hot or Not: Offensive Attack Edition
In this presentation; we will cover offensive TTPs in our version of Hot or Not: Offensive Attack!
Join us as we plan to live poll the audience to help settle once and for all; is this threat hot, or not?!
The talk will aim to inform professionals in a collaborate manor about the current threat landscape and help them regain focus on what trends attackers are leveraging successfully.

Travis Kaun

Attack Edition!

Travis began his Information Security career-building *nix chops by managing firewalls and monitoring intrusion detection systems. After time spent on the defensive side in corporate roles, Travis put on an offensive cap for a consulting role and hasn’t looked back.
Travis specializes in offensive security testing, focusing on gaining a foothold and expanding to a large compromise while hunting for ‘crown jewels.’ Travis is a proud member of the TrustedSec Force team.