CypherCon 2022

How to connect to Cars in 2022

Robert Leale


Vehicle Manufacturers are slowly limiting access to easy connection points in vehicles.  I’ll walk you through how we at CanBusHack bypass vehicle gateway controllers by physically connecting to easy-to-reach access points. What information might be obtained at these areas.  Also, give you some tools of the trade and that won’t damage your car (or more importantly your spouse’s car).

Robert Leale

Which vehicle is next?!

ROBERT LEALE is an automotive cyber security expert with over 12 years of automotive cyber security experience. Robert has taught Automotive Hacking Hands-On Course for the past 6 years at Black Hat, the worlds largest cyber security conference. Robert also founded the Car Hacking Village™ in 2015 which runs at Def Con, the worlds largest hacking conference, CypherCon, DerbyCon, THOTCon, Hack In The Box,, GrrCon, and other prestigious hacking conferences throughout the world. Robert’s web site,, is the world first web site and resource devoted to vehicle hacking. Robert has been involved in numerous vehicle electronics Red Teams for vehicle OEMs and Tier Ones. Robert has also been interviewed by numerous media outlets such as Good Morning America, CSPAN’s Communicators, and other local media groups, regarding the state of Vehicle Cyber Security. Robert has presented as Keynote speaker at many industry conferences to discuss the methods hackers can use against vehicle electronic systems. Robert and his website,, are also sighted many times in many white papers release by industry experts, including the paper on the infamous Jeep Hack