CypherCon 2023

How to save your SOC and what can you (or I) do to help?

Peter Wlodarczyk


Most of the Security Operation Centers struggle, because of lack of funding, staff, never finished work, shiny new penny or “more important projects”. What if I told you that most of them were not designed or/and implemented correctly? During my talk I will explain it to you how you can fix your SOC

Importance: Does your SOC struggle? You want to help but don’t know why? Fear not call Peter at Palo Alto Networks.. or read a book and do it yourself: “Elements of Security Operations”

Peter Wlodarczyk

Save your SOC?

Peter Wlodarczyk is an experienced and passionate cybersecurity leader with working experience in large enterprise environments with sensitive information.
He started his cyber journey already in highschool tweaking celeron processors, following warez groups and deploying eggdrops. Through the years he touched multiple areas of Information Technology and Security from networking, development to database administration and finally threat modeling.
Peter planned and led multiple offensive and defensive cyber operations focusing on protecting critical infrastructure and confidential data. He worked on military, federal and commercial cybersecurity projects that allowed him to create comprehensive security solutions in large-scale environments with complex requirements.

He currently works as a cybersecurity advisor, architect and coach, frequently improving SOC and security operations.