CypherCon 2024

Information Custodians: From the Reference Desk to the SOC and Beyond

Ross Prolic


Librarians have long been the guardians of information storage, discovery, and retrieval. However, in the past two decades, as these processes have shifted almost entirely to the digital realm, information security professionals now share those responsibilities. Both professions possess a unique skill set, similar in some respects and unique in others, that demystifies a complex process and empowers others to help themselves. This talk will examine the similarities in ethos, methodologies, and potential future collaborations.

Ross Prolic

Guardian of Information

Ross is currently a Law Librarian and OSINT enthusiast. A true jack of all trades but master of none. Endlessly curious, he is just as familiar taking things apart and putting them back together, as he is in front of a keyboard falling into Wikipedia rabbit holes.┬áIn his day to day, he’s assisting with audit compliance, helping lawyers with docket and legislative history research, managing metadata projects, and curating the library’s collections. In his free time he is pursuing the the OSIP certification pathway with IntelTechniques, and volunteers with Tracelabs for the Global CTF Search Parties.