CypherCon 2024

Injectyll-HIDe: Tales from the Chip Shortage and Other Scary Stories

Jonathan Fischer


The year is 2020; my colleague and I are right in the middle of our open-source hardware research project. We are rapidly making progress and things are looking up. Enter COVID and the chip shortage. Everything has changed and nothing can be taken for granted anymore. Parts are scarce, prices are crazy, and lead times are out years. What do we do now?

Join me as I take you through our adventures of completing and releasing our open-source hardware project during the chip shortage. The audience may laugh; the audience may cry; the audience will be inspired. By the end of this talk, attendees will learn how we went from PoC to release, as well as how to sacrifice existing boards, OSINT for chips, find unlikely chip sources, and, most importantly, how to apply the hacker mindset to hack the chip shortage and the rest of life’s challenges.

Jonathan Fischer

Cybersecurity consultant, cat-lover

Jonathan Fischer is a hardware and IoT security enthusiast that started off designing, programming, and implementing electronic controls for industrial control systems and off-highway machinery.  After a decade in that industry, Jonathan obtained his BS in Computer Science and transitioned over to the cyber security industry where he has been working as a Red Team consultant and researcher for more than seven years at a Fortune 500 company.  Since joining the cyber security industry, Jonathan has earned various industry certifications (OSCP, GXPN, etc.) and continues to leverage his unique experience in his research into hardware hacking. Jonathan has presented his research at conferences such as DEF CON Demo Labs, ShmooCon, THOTCON, BSides LV, and Hardware Hacking Village. He is also the co-creator of Injectyll-HIDe, an open-source hardware implant designed for use by red teams.