CypherCon 2023

Instantly improve your memory with these five mind hacks

Dr Sudesh Kannan aka Dr K


Are you forgetting to complete tasks? Struggling with preparation for certification exams? Then join Sudesh Kannan (A.K.A. Dr K) as he delivers a 50-minute virtual workshop on how to hack the built-in security and recall features of the human mind. 

With Dr K’s five visualization methods, you can expect to not only improve your memory, but enhance the quality of your work, boost your productivity, and refresh your creativity. Featuring a live demonstration of these memory-boosting tips, this is one workshop you’ll never forget.

Importance: Most cybersecurity experts have to remember many details of documents, situations and people. It is easy to improve one’s recall and memory when we understand how our brain remembers important information.

Rough outline: Dr K’s workshops always involve volunteers and audience participation.

Dr Sudesh Kannan aka Dr K

Mind Control!

Dr. K hated his mandatory yoga classes in his high school in India but loved the meditation sessions – shav asana – dead body pose.  A decade later, he needed meditation to survive his PhD dissertation work.  He has messed with bio-feedback and neuro-feedback technique to fine-tune his meditation practice since 2008. He has authored more than 25 publications and is co-author of the book “How to Beat the Heart Disease Epidemic among South Asians”.  He has completed 3 marathons and several other endurance events, using mindfulness techniques. Dr. K is an adjunct professor in a graduate cybersecurity program – his professional interests include social engineering, application/product security training and cybersecurity awareness through games